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Make Money Doing the Things You’re Already Doing!

  • Visiting websites
  • Doing daily deals
  • Using apps
  • Playing games

...and more!


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Social Affiliate Connections

PeopleString's Patent Pending technology allows you to connect with friends and create your own social financial network where you and your friends are rewarded for doing the things they are already doing online. Build Social clout by connecting and earn 10% on your direct referrals and 2% on another 5 levels of your social connections and their connections. That means anytime someone in your string earns money…you do too! PeopleString makes it fun & easy to make money doing what you're already doing on the web. Think of how many people you are connected to directly and how many that might be through friends of friends of friends...

Where Does the Money Come From?

The money you earn comes from advertisers on PeopleString... the same money the other portals and social networks keep for themselves! You will see banner, video and text ads throughout your PeopleString Social Portal. These ads pay us to be on our site…PeopleString in turn shares up to 70% or those revenues with our active members. The more you use PeopleString the more People Points you earn... then we convert them to cash every month. The more you and your Social Network use PeopleString... the more fun it becomes and the more you earn.

No Spam, No Pop Ups

We built PeopleString so you don't get annoyed! All the Ads you're viewing and getting paid with are put where they belong! They won't be interfering with what you are doing on-line. Why? Because PeopleStringers don't need that!

Your Social Portal

Why use sites like Yahoo, Google or MSN as a launching point to visit your favorite sites? Why log into to a Comcast, or a Time Warner or any other ISP like that... With PeopleString you will save time and you can organize all your favorite sites with a Patent Pending Homepage. With our “Insta-Portal” you will be able to takes snapshots of your favorite sites, paste them to your Portal and see what is going on as we provide you live feeds from all of your favorites and the most popular social networks as well.

Featuring the Insta Portal

PeopleString allows you to put any part of any website on your homepage. The Insta Portal automatically updates every few minutes so you can see what's happening on your favorite sites at anytime! Use the interface below to try it out!